Argan Oil

Argan oil moisturizes the scalp and hair and prevents many complaints caused by the dry hair. It is good for bottom of the hair, revives the hair, repairs the hair and thus makes the hair look more vivacious and abundant.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil gives the hair the moisture it should have. It does not leave an oily appearance after the application, and it can be used both as a mask and cream, it gives a nice and beautiful odour while feeding your hair at the same time.

Aloe Vera

Because of high antioxidant and essential minerals it contains, it surrounds your hair from the bottom to the end and repairs its health with its reparative power. It provides a refreshing treatment for all hair types. Its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals deeply nourish the scalp, but also cleans the dead skin cells on the surface.

Moringa Flower

Because of highly effective antioxidants that it contains, it has a regenerating effect on healthy hair due to its high content of A, C and D vitamins. It helps deep cleaning of hair and protects hair from daily damages. It also supports scalp care.

Tsubaki Flower

The "Japanese rose oil" called Tsubaki has many features such as regulating blood circulation and strengthening the hair follicles. It provides stronger hair roots and shinier looking hair.

Shea Butter

It surrounds the scalp, absorbs the moisture, relieves dandruff and provides general protection for hard climatic conditions. it has a reparative effect especially on hair damaged due to many treatments . It strengthens the structure of the hair and minimizes breakage problems.

Avocado Oil

It provides the necessary vitamin support for hair. It softens the hair perfectly and rebuilds the hair that is damaged from dying, bad weather, unclean environments and dehydration. It gives its natural moisture to dry hair back. It is also effective in the problems of hair ends breaking.

Almond Milk

Almond milk, which contains rich in vitamins of A, D, B1, B2 and B6 nutrients proper for hair, makes the hair healthy by penetrating the vitamins into hair strands. It strengthens and nourishes the hair by the combination of rich fatty acids and almond softeners.

Silk Proteins

The effect of protein obtained from real silk nourishes hair from root to end. It provides hair healthy growth without breaking with its nutritious and reparative content. It prevents the moisture loss in the hair roots with silk protein and prevents the hair from becoming electrified and gives the hair an intense smoothness.