You can check out the KYOSHI user comments below.


I have been experiencing breakings for long time due to treatments which I have made to my hair. Not any product could not be a solution to my problem. Breaking problem in my hair has ended after I use KYOSHI product. I am very happy.


After the shower, it gives a perfume effect with its lasting odor. Then I feel like ı just had a milk bath.


Normally I have an allergen body. Frankly, I bought it by approaching with a little cautious, but I relieved to see that it has 100% natural content on the shelf. I did not experience any problem :) I was worried particularly on the shower gel, now I can use it confidently. Thank you very much.


My hair has an oily structure and I can't wash every day. I'm satisfied with the shampoo specially formulated for oily hair. Now I can wash my hair for the 2nd time in 2 days intervals. Thank you, Kyoshi.

Ceyda Seçkin

I use these products and they are very nice. I can say the best products I've ever used.


Kyoshi Shampoo made my hair so soft. Because my hair is dyed normally, it is very hard without using a hair mask. However, after using Kyoshi, I used only a small amount of hair conditioner on and softened the ends of the hair. I am very satisfied.


The odors of shower gels are incredibly lasting. It smells so nice even after the bath. I think my only preference will be Kyoshi almond from now on:)


My hair is really dry and I had to apply moisturizing masks. I wanted to try it when I saw the new product on the shelf. I've used it 4 times currently, it has a good quality moisturization. I think I will continue to use if I stay satisfied until the product finishes. :)


In general, hair products for my hair that is worn out keratinli care. According to the price of keratin shampoos Kyoshi fit. Everyone should has healthy hair. Thanks, like it.


I was curious about the proportions of natural oils in its content, the fast return of the brand team and the satisfactory answer, I think it was quite successful as a new brand between shampoos:) They also sent trial products as gift, thanks you won me!


Shower gels with milk protein took my attention a lot and I noticed the softness in my skin in the first use and then I did not need to use a softening moisturizer after shower :) thanks for everything, I especially loved shower gel with sakura!


In general, I care about using hair products containing keratin for my hair that is damaged. Kyoshi is affordable compared for the price of keratin shampoos. I hope that they do not increase the price after a new, it created trust has created in me at least everyone can buy it. Thanks, have a good worktime.